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'A must for all those who seek to understand our country and polity' Professor Peter Hennessy The last decade has seen radical change to the way we are governed. We have new rights; we elect our politicians using new voting methods; we are becoming accustomed to referendums. And the institutions of our country have been reformed: most of the hereditary peers have been removed from the House of Lords, there are new legislatures in Scotland and Wales and, before long, we will have a new Supreme Court. Reinventing Britain is in four parts. The first three tell a coherent story of this remarkable decade of change. They chart the origins of the reforms, show how they came about and explore public attitudes towards them. The essays in the fourth part stand back from the narrative, analysing some of the principal themes in the reform programme, and asking what they mean for Britain and its citizens. This is a groundbreaking book, written by political commentators, academics and participants in the reforms. It is an essential read for anyone who cares about our constitution - in fact, anyone with an interest in the recent history of Britain. 'This authoritative and up-to-date analysis of the changed constitutional landscape will be compelling reading, not just for the politician and student, but for the citizen who wants to know more about the nation he or she now lives in.' Sir George Young MP 'Since 1997 Britain's constitution has undergone one of its periodic spasms of dramatic change. Reinventing Britain represents an indispensable and insightful guide to the various reforms, their provenance and their significance. It will be useful to all serious students and observers of the evolving way we govern ourselves.' Lord Holme, Chariman of the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution 'The Blair government began its remarkable series of constitutional changes in 1997 without an overal road map. This book is the atlas we have needed for ten years. It is a must for all those who seek to understand our reconfigured country and polity.' Professor Peter Hennessy, Queen Mary, University of London with contributions from Mark Bevir, Jack Citrin, Joseph F. Fletcher, Robert Hazell, Ailsa Henderson, Kenneth MacKenzie, Kate Malleson, Craig Parsons, Peter Riddell and a foreword by Lord Falconer of Thoroton.

About Andrew McDonald has written on constitutional reform, and worked on the reform programme as an official. This book was conceived and edited while he was a Fulbright Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently writing a book on constitutional change and national identity.
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Publication Date:June 2007
<![CDATA[Dionne Warwick's has Tax Problems, and She Isn't the Only One]]>Sun, 13 Dec 2015 00:45:00 GMThttp://politicospublicis.weebly.com/blog/dionne-warwicks-has-tax-problems-and-she-isnt-the-only-oneThe tax problems of the rich and famous are well known, from Wesley Snipes to Lauren Hill and many others, but why is it such a problem?  Dionne Warwick famously owed over 10 million in taxes and had to settle through a recent bankruptcy.  She went from being second only to Aretha Franklin in terms of musical hits in the 20th century, to having to return to the tour circuit to pay her bills. 

<![CDATA[History as It Happens]]>Mon, 19 Jan 2015 15:46:28 GMThttp://politicospublicis.weebly.com/blog/history-as-it-happensOur purpose here is to attempt to document history as it happens, without the bias and skew that accompanies much of today's "news".  Often it is left up to historians to document history in an objective way, and we will try to do this without having to wait generations at a time. 

Thanks to everyone that is supporting us, we will be able to go down this unprecedented course with the power of the many.  I hope we can change the way we look at news, and the way the news effects the world.